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Welcome To Clan MacLennan USA

Here you will find the latest Clan MacLennan Newsletter and back
issues as well.

You will also find the Clan MacLennan Youth Pages for youth of all ages.  There is a new edition of the Youth Pages available every 3 months with a new contest or two for all to enter!

Contact information for the Executive Committee is available.

Check out the Executive Committee and there are committee positions waiting to be filled, so volunteer your time and engergy and watch Clan MacLennan USA grow!

Be sure to check the latest Letter From The Chief!

Keep updated on the "Gathering" in Edinburgh - July 2009

My people came this way.
They welcomed those who joined their journey. 
We tell their stories;
The stories of the gathering of the Clans.
We sing their songs and dance to their music, 
Join us...